Position Papers

  • Model-based FMEA of systems with partially unknown components behaviors, Hadrien Tournaire and Florian Grigoleit
  • Qualification of Complex Pre-existing Software for Safety-critical Automotive Systems, Jan Toennemann
  • Uncertainty-aware RSS, Francesco Carella, Oleg Oleinichenko and Philipp Schleiss
  • Towards Probabilistic Safety Guarantees for Model-Free Reinforcement Learning, Felippe Schmoeller Roza, Karsten Roscher and Stephan Günnemann
  • Complexity, uncertainty and the Safety of ML, Simon Burton and Benjamin Herd
  • A pledge for safety-aware operational environment analysis, Daniel Hillen and Jan Reich
  • ASsurance as Code (ASaC), Shuji Kinoshita
  • Property Specification and Models for Risk: Towards Risk Propagation Graphs, Stefano Nicoletti, Mattia Fumagalli, Milan Lopuhaä-Zwakenberg, Ernst Moritz Hahn, Giancarlo Guizzardi and Marielle Stoelinga
  • Anomaly Detection in Edge Devices, Tommaso Zoppi, Andrea Ceccarelli, Andrea Bondavalli, Antonio Puliafito, Nicola Peditto and Maurizio Giacobbe
  • Supporting Assurance Case Development Using Generative AI, Torin Viger, Logan Murphy, Simon Diemert, Claudio Menghi, Alessio Di Sandro and Marsha Chechik
  • Modeling Cyberattacks Affecting Systems’ Safety with AltaRica: Achievements and Future Works, Théo Serru, Nga Nguyen and Michel Batteux
  • Toward Human-centered AI Framework: An Introduction to AI2X Co-evolution Project, Yutaka Matsubara, Akihisa Morikawa, Daichi Mizuguchi and Kiyoshi Fujiwara

All position papers will be available online soon at the following link: https://hal.laas.fr/SAFECOMP2023